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Time,skill and knowledge.
we create the most effective and dynamic software application services with fine quality in hybrid platforms.


Mobile App Development

We advance software solutions serving the market segment as well as specific client needs in Cross platforms - React Native, Flutter, and Native.

Web App Development

Websites that are designed in a challenging environment by our specialist team where we utilize our imagination and creativity skills to develop attractive websites based on your business and preferences. We provide service in ReactJS, Angular and Vue.js.

Desktop App Development

We create applications that run stand-alone on your laptop or desktop computer, where you can store a large database in contrast to web application. We are experts in desktop app development with proven experience. We deliver services with Electron.JS.

How we work at Lookings Soft

Lookings custom application development covers third-party integration, mobile, desktop, web and DWH & BI. Once you’ve defined your primary conditions, we’ll work with you to endorse your product vision and presumptions, before taking over project discharge.



Together we will range your project requisites and identify which ideas hold the most water, before creating the roadmap for the project that ensures the best possible chance of success and future vigours.


Our specialist team will generate the best suites software solutions for your requirements, utilizing evolving technologies to plug gaps in your current digital environment.


We focus on the functional requirements of your service and its quality, from the eyes of your users which stands along with the industry standards. We finely do the quality assurance of the software by giving importance to the fine touch.


We provide a single point of accountability, outlining roles, responsibilities, and key stakeholder relationships. Our works are transparent, that you can always watch the progress of the work from the beginning to the deployment.

Technologies we

We provide end-to-end software and mobile application development services. We take you from creating the concept and design, through to developing and delivering the final product that will delight your customers.

About us

Lookings Soft is a global IT Service provider, based in Cochin. We are a team of young and vibrant people with the same mindset and dreams. It’s the office filled with dedicated people who don’t mind to stay late. It’s the brightness in their eyes as they wipe their forehead with a smile. It’s a pat on the shoulder and the smile they give each other when they offer their support to each other.

It’s the small chitchats during the break that brings them together, and it's their dreams and hopes which reflects in the projects they commit. The mutual cooperation between the open-minded team makes the office a better workplace. We are not followers, rather the real leaders. Every individual in the office has given the responsibility of a leader. Expertise is gained through sharing the knowledge, the mentors inspire them every day with the realtime work experiences.